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10th Jun 2020 by Lloyd Bowen

COVID-19 has had devastating effects on families across the UK and our condolences go out to the thousands of families that have lost loved ones to the illness. Our thoughts are with those suffering from the effects of isolation through lockdown and with those who have lost businesses or jobs during these uncertain times.

This moment in history has touched everyone’s life in some way and now, more than ever, we need and have been thankful to see people pulling together to help each other.

All of us at Maltings Secure Shredding recognise the responsibilities we have to help our customers through this time.

Several companies have temporarily vacated office spaces in order to socially distance and restrict the spread of the virus, but that doesn’t mean that their work has stopped and so the MSS team adapted and striven to continue to support our customers with a safe and reliable service.

Leading up to lockdown, we took precautions by providing our service personnel with their own personal hand sanitiser and a supply of gloves. We also installed automatic hand sanitiser dispensers throughout our facility to keep our hygiene levels to a high standard. These measures were put in place at an early stage to help keep our staff and our customers as safe as possible from the spread of the disease.

During lockdown, with many businesses operating from the homes of their employees, we have continued to provide services to the home addresses of our customers. We have been able to do this thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team and the nature of our business. We are local.

Collecting files and boxes of documents from multiple customers’ home addresses has required an extra level of attention to detail compared with collecting all requested files from one collection point – the business address – and we gladly took on the extra challenge, because we can.

Based in Cardiff, our storageand destruction facility has been able to provide a service to addresses all across South Wales and the South West of England, without being impeded by the lockdown travel restrictions. As we are a local provider to so many of our customers, our collection and delivery runs do not take our drivers on extended journeys, far beyond our local regions.

Many of our customers have been thankful to see us continue our supporting role to their business. It has helped them be able to push their business through this difficult time and maintain their momentum as best they can. For a few of our customers, it has also been nice to simply see a new face (from a safe distance, of course).

Likewise, we have been very happy to see our customers. We have been thrilled to see the ways in which they have adapted and continued to operate through the pandemic, maintaining high spirits in the face of adversity.

Difficult times can bring out the best in us and we’d like to thank our team members, whom we are exceptionally proud of, for going above and beyond during an arduous time. With such tremendous team spirit shown from all departments, we are excited by the prospect of introducing our document storage solutions to a wider part of Wales in the near future.


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